Very few high school athletes will earn a college scholarship. Of the 1.6 million high school seniors who played football in 2012, only 46,000 of them continued to play in college, and less than 10,000 received any financial assistance.

Once out of high school, having little or no access to exposure, student athletes have few opportunities to attract the attention of college recruiters. A professional sports prep program is a great way to get noticed and possibly picked up by a school.

Our commitment: 

Mountain West Prep Inc. is built on a firm foundation of education, discipline and competition. The program assists student athletes with their sports recruitment and scholarship goals. 

Our Mission

To provide student athletes the experience of college classes in conjunction with a college-level competitive playing schedule. The program's ultimate goal is to help previously unprepared post-high school students become more eligible and gain entry into a college or university on an athletic scholarship. Upon completion of the Mountain West Prep program, student athletes will be better equipped mentally, physically, socially and academically for recruitment into higher learning institutions.

Our Donation Page

Our football program has a new donation page to raise funds for low income families that may not be able to afford it. Please click the link below to make a donation.