Here are some testimonials of some of the students that participated in our program:



Coach Chambers strives to develop players to their maximum potential on and off the field. He is a coach that values student-athletes with the understanding that the student role comes first. He puts your family and your grades first; then Football. I had to realize that I had to work just as hard off the field as I do on the field. Coach Chambers was just as much a mentor as he was a coach to me. He helped me balance the roles of being a full-time student and a full-time athlete. A prep program is a place where young players go to in order to further their talent and academics. This prep program helped me to improve my grades, as well as mature in football, to better prepare myself for a collegiate level role. I spent 6 months with the Mountain West Program and now I am currently a student-athlete at Texas Tech University.

Preston Haynes